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Why Action is our Business!

When you first think of the word ACTION you probably think of your favorite super hero like Captine America, or Super Man, or another guy/girl that runs around in rubber tights beating up bad guys and the such. Maybe you think of some movie like the Bourne Supremacy and or Terminator 2 and you probably think to yourself that the closest you are ever going to get to real ACTION is the time you played Halo 3 for nearly four hours two nights ago. Well I have good news for you weird and yet very hopeful people who are reading this so cheer up!

Dictionary.com defines the word ACTION as something done or preformed, and yes this would be an acceptable definition if you were just defining the word for your 6th grade english class. The beautiful thing about the word ACTION is that it can mean almost anything you want for example: If I was to wave HI to you, I would be performing an action. Another example of an ACTION is: Say “Fred” is sitting there on the couch, “Fred” would be performing an action by sitting there being basically unproductive (Fred is the guy in the IT department at your company).

Now why am I bringing this up? That is a very good question. I’m trying to prove that my boring blog has just about as much (If not more) ACTION packed then your favorite comic book or your awesome video game. So for all you managers or supervisors that are out there reading this post (if any), the next time you see one of your employees jacking around or just being plain lazy instead of getting mad, pat them on the back because they are being just as active as you are. This is why “ACTION is our Buisness”


The Warm Welcome to MKsmoke From WordPress

“Oh NO!” said the innocent internet surfer when stumbled across this random blog.

In truth maybe this is another random blog, but this one aims to be THE random blog of the year, and so much more! I am currently a full time student at Texas A&M University Kingsville, and I am now a Journalism major, but I am going to be changing that to Speech Communications.

Your probably wondering: “If this is just a random Blog then why should I read you?” I always like to ask that question too whenever I run into blogs like this, but a new experience is more valuable in gold. Instead of reading through the useless crap on the web take a little time and write a comment. I am happy to be here blogging for you.

-Michael Bolman